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A Belgian with British roots, lived in Rovaniemi for 7 years, now living in Odessa, Ukraine. Love cooking, walks, life! Avid Formula 1 fan.

Stormy weather and floods

Today we experienced quite a severe storm here, which seemed to come out of the blue!
There were heavy wind gusts and enormous amounts of rain.
Local news said that in the short time the storm lasted, we got more rain than usually in an entire month!

You can read multiple articles about it from the new service website:

Below is also some own footage which I shot.

Settling in

Getting settled in after the long journey from Rovaniemi to Odessa, which took two whole days.
That’s mainly because I was travelling with my two cats, so flight choices were limited, and I had to travel first from Rovaniemi to Helsinki. The following day from Helsinki to Riga. Next Riga to Kiev, andother overnight sleep there, and then finally Kiev to Odessa, phew!

Anyhow, the cats seemed to settle in nicely and were quickly exploring on top of the cupboards and relaxing 🙂

Spot the two cats!
Spot the two cats!
Felix getting comfy on the couch
Felix getting comfy on the couch